Today I replaced my php teacher (who was ill) during 3 hours. It's not the first time, I already helped my fellow students for this php class but this time it was different. It's was kind of official since my teacher came in and said "Adrien will give you the lesson today, he knows it by heart".

I have to say that I'm starting to like teaching, the satisfaction that you helped someone getting better at something is just amazing. It was a really good experience !

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    Did you get his paycheck?
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    @helloworld I wish I could 😂
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    This is pretty damn cool. Your teach showing confidence you can handle shit.
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    Get your paycheck from your teacher.
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    People like you confuse people who spell my name. My boss writes Adrain in every email and my grandmother wrote Adrien on my Xmas gifts last year. I hope your doom comes swiftly and they use my spelling on your tombstone.

    Good day sir!
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    So your teacher is getting paid for your work? That teacher's going to take advantage of you, so you might as well take at least half of his/her paycheck.
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    @gorsamp no worries I have the same kind of problem 😂
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    @Michelle in fact I'm already a tutor for the first grades, I give them remedial lesson of databases. And for that part I'm paid because my uni have a system where second grades can give lessons to first grades and get paid for it. But yesterday was different because I was teaching to second grades.
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