Screwed Interview Hackerank.

Now remedy to getting out of the depression.

Watch Pokemon
Drink Tea
Eat Noodles.

If you ever feel bad about life. Watch Pokemon episodes. Look at Ash and you'll be optimistic again. Seriously try it.

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    Somebody else watches Pokèmon to cheer up too!
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    I do the same when I'm depressed. Love Pokemon.
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    Pokemon is life

    Pokemon is love
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    ain't that tiny songoku :v?
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    class AshKetchum{

    public final int age = 10;

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    class AshKetchum{
    const $age = 10;
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    @irene *too childish* that's the point. Look up to ASH as role model. He is enthusiastic about being the best Pokemon trainer. The world has made us believe that money is important. Ash doesn't need money to be happy. Ash loves pokemon. Ash is chasing his dream with a pure heart.

    Be like Ash..
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    I like the Pokemon theme song.
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    Cant relate :) Got my job after attending a hackathon and winning. One short interview and I was accepted.
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