A follow up about Mozilla IRL spotify radio.

Very interesting talk relates to internet and privacy in gerenal. (Not about programming btw)

Eg: Bose headphone app sends your data to data broker,
which ransomware rated with top customer service,
how to setup a bait for catching Twitter bots

It feels like Mozilla is fighting for justice.
I'm totally sold.

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    If the app in my phone shows "always running", the probably mining data from me.
    Eg: Instagram, Facebook, CNN news...

    I removed all of them.
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    This podcast is very interesting!
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    I’ve been listening to this podcast all morning now. Thanks! I’ve been a fan of Mozilla for a while, but now I think I’m a bigger fan.
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    I remember learning about the bose tracking stuff a while back and it just making me happier that I’d ditched my pair.
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