Well, fuck.

source: https://amdflaws.com

Really ugly to release it a day after telling AMD about it

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    "You are advised that we may have, either directly or indirectly, an economic interest in the performance of the securities of the companies whose products are the subject of our reports."

    Sounds like shorting for me!!
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    AMD server

    LMAO 😂
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    wow what a fake
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    @Bitwise exactly what a google researcher said too
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    @thoxx seems more and more like it, people looked at the company behind the website and its a company that specializes in having contacts across media, bloggers, news outlets etc. and most articles went live with the website being published too. But still, theres a promise of releasing the actual vulnerabilities, let's see.
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    I'm not surprised in the least about the vulnerabilities in the security processor. TrustZone has had known defects for years.
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    That company was created 7 months ago and it gave only 24 hours to amd to fix those.

    They are shorting the share. 100%
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    Definitely trying to make AMDs share go down.
    Fuck them.
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    Imagine Trump call it ~Fake News~ 😂😂

    I dont trust this report. Not explained on which level they exploited it, just some fancy graphics on their Website.

    "Flashing Bios" is also not a security flaw. When you have physical access to a system and it's not cert or key protected, you can do everything you want to it.

    I spit on this articel and the company behind it. Just respectless douches...
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    And this is why this shit needs to be open sourced.
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    download CPU updates :-D (download more memory from the past)
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