Our own company website. Everyone got involved, the process broke down, and because all of management and company owners were participating- it was nearly impossible to get anything done.

We are our own worst client.

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    jahahaha made my morning.

    At least you learnt it's important to assign only one person to approve changes and completions...?
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    spotify had the same problem
    heres an medium article how they solved it
    “Design Doesn’t Scale.” https://medium.com/@hellostanley/...
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    @cesc1989 We do this, but the owner overrides everything and that just doesn't apply then. We learned no lessons.
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    @heyheni thanks for sharing- will definitely read this article.
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    haha okay so this got me right in the feels... I work at a design agency and the site we do for clients are hella dope but we`been planning our own site for over 3months now and I dont see it getting built anytime soon...
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