Working from Home email translations:

“I don’t feel well” - I’m hungover
“I have an appointment” - I’m hungover
"Car won't start" - I'm hungover
“Delivery coming today” - There’s actually a delivery coming today... but I’m also hungover

  • 3
    "My kid is sick" - I'm currently puking in the toilet, and hungover.
  • 7
    "I'm hungover" - still drunk
  • 4
    "I'm drunk" - I'm high
  • 2
    "I have a doctor's appointment" -> "I have alcohol poisoning, after I almost drank myself to death, because I accidentally caught a glance at your piss poor code."
  • 1
    'I'm working from home today' - I'll be sure to set Steam to offline mode and play games all day.
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