Okay then, ex-android user there.

It started with Xperia TX - it was flagship Sony phone back then. It blew my mind when I touched it for the first time. You know, exploring android for the first time in my life was amazing.

It ran just well for about a year. Then it started to fall apart. I need to clarify that I kept it non-rooted, full stock. I'm not into that customization things.

At first, I noticed significant lags. They were everywhere. The longer I used smartphone, the more lags I encountered. I did factory reset, but lags haven't gone anywhere.

Year 2. Front camera stopped working. Battery became unreliable as fuck, going down to 40% and then instantly to zero. What?

Year 3. Camera broke. It refused to start, just giving me "Camera is not available" error.

I tried factory reset again. It helped at first, but month have passed and all that issues came back. And it also became sluggish as fuck.

Got Meizu m3s year ago. The exact same story. Long story short, in one year I got this:
1. Black spots on every picture I take. Much likely a matrix issue.
2. Camera also became slow as fuck, requiring about 10 seconds to even start.
3. Vertical stripes all along the screen. I never dropped my phone, it just appeared once and became brighter and brighter every day I used the phone.
4. Two huge yellow spots on screen. I think it happened because phone's cpu heat up the screen and it broke.

But the most important thing is that fucking lags chased me in every app, they were everywhere. Fucking tiny-ass lags. And they're not going anywhere, they're become more and more significant with time.

Don't say me about oneplus, samsungs and other top android phones. They are conceptually the same, the only different thing is hardware.

That's why I switched. IPhone has its downsides, but it's silky smooth. And my friend's iPhone 4 (not s) feels just as smooth as my brand new se.

I'm not going to jailbreak it. I don't need customizing the hell out of it.

I just needed quick and reliable phone, and SE seems to be exactly what I wanted.

Peace to android folks tho✌️

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    I'm too big for se 😎
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    @irene so why might it became laggy then? Any thoughts? It's either a hardware issue or factory reset is not so "factory" and allows some garbage to stay in memory
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    @irene nexuses are the greatest.
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    @irene maybe pixel is as great as nexus was
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    Never had issues with android all my phones lived 4 to 5 years without any major issues. And i also never spend more then 200€ on a phone, you just need to check the specs of the hardware more then the brand. a quadcore 2,4ghz at a medium resolution will outperform any high resolution 1,6ghz octacore. And truth to be told there is not much diffrence in visual appeal between those two.
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    Yeah, I don't know if you upset an old gypsy woman or something, but in over seven years using Android (HTC x2, LG, Sony, Huawei, and now Asus) I have ever had persistent lag problems, except on a Motorola phone I once bought on a lark, because it was $120.

    I feel like I'm stuck in a box when I use my wife's iPhone.
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    Had the HTC one m9 and I have the LG g5 rn. I have most of these problems too, there's an issue when it takes longer to open snapchat than it does for a gradle build to complete. And don't even get me started on this bullshit GPS.
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    @irene Yeah same here. My cheap android phones always run great for years. My sisters iPhone actually started lagging after two years 😄
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    For me a phone has to be fast enough and should be able to run a fully open source and google/ms/apple free system.

    You simply can't do this with iPhone's so a big nope for me :)
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    Whats even worse people do spend 500+ annually since they always want the latest phone for no reason
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    @linuxxx Cheap android phones doesn't hold their value well.
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    @sunfishcc Care to explain? You're not giving any arguments so...
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    @linuxxx bought a Nokia 6 two weeks ago. It was 399NZD. Now they give away 100NZD discounts. Comparing with iPhones, they tend to hold their value really well.
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    I would like to see an example of an Android phone that holds its value well.
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    @irene 5.5inch for 299nzd. What a steal! I heard most of Nokia phones were sold in India.

    God damn it Google!
    Do not auto complete Nokia with banana!
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    @irene Nokia Windows phone has banana
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