Vive la France!
France takes legal action against Apple and Google for their app stores


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    They might actually have a case against Apple there, but no way are they going to win this against google. Google can just show that you can install from unknown sources in Android, and that's all the defense they need.

    With apple, though, I feel like the app store is the smallest problem ^^
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    @Lahsen2016 good point however France are good at arguing, it's a national past-time. Take the law suit over the "suggest" feature (yeah I know it was along time ago but still relevant).

    The suggest feature is mostly automated, but anything suggesting offense or contrary to French beliefs definately trumps that!

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    I hope he wins
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    I hope they take legal actions against their ISPs as well cause I've seen too many France Internet speed rants

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    @Yamemori France lost the war because of strategy choices of high command. Those were very defensive and a bit outdated. Another reason was being traumatized by WWI. Sth Americans (thankfully) never had to experience. The French kicked ass later on btw, with armed resistance and hardcore foreign legionnaires. And I truly mean hardcore. Some kept on fighting with missing body parts. So much for surrendering... Know history mate.
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    How about not using the app stores if it bothers you as an app developer? This has to be one of the most stupid possible lawsuits I ever heard
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