Back where I used to work, we had this a-hole call center guy who isn't a programmer but got promoted as our team leader. He said he used to program on his early days at the company (?) . He claims that made back-ups of his source code in MS Word and even tries to gives us a lecture about backing up programs.
I really hate those a-wipes who often get promoted and suddenly goes up to their heads

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    Stack overflow comes to me for help? are there people out there who actually say that :|
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    "that made back-ups of his source code in MS Word"

    I dont even
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    @commanderkeen I know right. One time at the smoking area he told a story about his thesis back in college days which was a typical system (those usual inventory/company stuffs) when suddenly has a pacman game shows up. He believes that the `complexity` of their "code" has `created` a game of it's own (or as his told to him by his teammates which he took seriously). I even doubt why was he even assigned to lead the developers.
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    Perhaps it was my fault when I told the CEO I wasn't fit to be a leader, so he appointed someone else with lesser intelligence but more testicular constitution to muscle his way to the top.
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    I tutor CS and Programming at my school's computer lab, and I think I've see about 4 people in the last 2 years come in asking why their java program won't compile only to see they've written the code in word.
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    Ms word for code backup. Wow. How worse can it get.
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    It is amazing how often i hear about things like this. How do these people get promoted?!

    Don't get me wrong, this is not a fit of jealousy, it's just confusion.
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    i use notepad.
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