Devoloping and running a simulator for iOS is so smooth experience I am in love with it. Though I am an android user developing for android is such a pain sometime. Android studio needs more improvement.

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    HELL NO!

    Android studio is by far waaaaaaaay better than XCode (xSHIT!)

    Now iPhone Simulators are by far the best I've seen, Android (default) Simulators are shit

    What is to be done:

    Apple to fix their fucked up IDE

    Google to fix their fucked up simulator

    Just my two cents
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    @gitpush You are right. I should have said Android Simulator needs more Improvement. 😀
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    @shahriyer more? Needs huge improvement 😀😀
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    You can write iOS Apps with node??
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    @gitpush Android emulators are getting better. They now keep their states so you don't have to wait for a boot, it just...works
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    @Crazed Its react native.
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    Lol, it's 2018
    Either use Genymotion or a real device if you don't like the default android emulator. Not a reason to cry about. Never heared of a dev that rants about small easy to fix things, I wonder how you manage real problems.
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    Xamarin ;3
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    @gitpush my same 2 cents. 4 cents it is
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    @the-dawn great, we are $999.94 from buying iPhone X :P
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    @Djanjo I was just comparing how smooth the experience is on iOS simulator. And I am not a mobile developer so it will take time to know all the available options. And I solve all other problems by not ranting about it.
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    @shahriyer Is it worth to learn Objective-C?
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    @adiStrasser No it doesn't worth it if you don't feel like it. No tech is worth learning if you don't feel like its worth learning.
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