I've seen several rants about dumb/useless teachers, college and the CS degree studies; today is a good day to vent out some "old" memories.

Around two semesters ago I enrolled in a Database seminar with this guy, a tall geek from the 80's with a squeaky voice, so squeaky mice could had an aneurysm if they listened to him.

Either way this guy was a mess, he said he was an awesome coder, that we were still "peasants" when it came to coding, that relational databases had nothing on him since he was an awesome freelancer and did databases every day, that we had to redo the programming course with him and with his shitty, pulled out of the ass own C++ style guide with over 64 different redacted rules.

He gave us sample code of "how it should be done" in Java...it ain't my favorite language but fuck me a fucking donkey could have written better code with his ass!! He even rewrote Java's standard input function and made it highly inefficient. He still wrote in a structural paradigm in OOP languages! And he dared to make this code reviews were he would proyect someone's code and mock it in front of the class as he took off points, sometimes going to the negative realm (3,2,1,0,-1...)

But you know what's shittier? That he actually didn't even attend, 90% of the time, it was literally this:
> Good morning class
> Checks attendance. . .
> I'll be back, I'm going to check in...
> 1 hour 45 minutes later (class was 2 hrs long) - comes back
> do you have any doubts?
> O.o no...? I'm ok.
> We're done

Not only that, he scheduled from 4 to 17 homeworks throughout the week, I did the math, that was around 354 files from everyone; of course he didn't check them, other students from higher semesters did and they gained each point taken from students making students from lower semesters get the short end of the stick.

How did I pass? He didn't understood my code or database schema and he knew he couldn't fail me as he had no ground to stand on.

Thanks for listening, if you got to the end of this long ass post and had a similar experience I'd love to read it.

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    Also did I mention he had no idea what Angular and MongoDB were? Yeah a fucking webdev freelancer.

    Also the time I asked if I could write my server side project in JS he responded with: you can't, JavaScript is a frontend language.

    *js fans getting triggered now*
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    Also, ++ for perfect Ramsay gif!
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    I had a teacher similar to this one but in physics. Always boasting his skills and he didn't know shit
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    I’m no web dev expert but aren’t you not meant to use pure JS for backend? I know Node.js is the exception but exception for serverside but even then I usually hear people saying that one should rather use PHP.

    If I’m wrong, please correct me.
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    DROP databaseTeacher;

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    @enoon I have no idea where you got that idea. I work for a software contracting company (I think that's what it's called, we create custom stuff for businesses), and all the server side stuff we do is always in Node. The whole company hates PHP (and if you like PHP, I dislike you), so I have no idea where you got that idea. Node is fully capable of being the whole server, and one of the best things about it in my opinion is the fact that frontend people can also both understand and expand the backend code since it's the exact same language that they've already been using.
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    @enoon nope, NodeJS is perfectly fine to write the server side of the project, and from my own experience, it's a lot faster and way more fun to do so in NodeJS than php, Python or Ruby.
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    @Ojomojo Get out of here with that nonsense. Shoo!
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    @enoon javascript works perfectly in the backend with the V8 engine and it's blazingly fast, I recommend you invest sometime learning it.
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    @xprnio I did say Node.js was the exception for backend. OP mentioned in his comment that the bloke said he shouldn’t use js for backend (I assumed he meant pure js). From your responses, I guess I was wrong about the popularity of Node.js and preference over PHP. I don’t know/use PHP at the moment but why would you spite anyone who does? It’s just another way to do the same thing; maybe more painstaking but still.

    @JKyll I didn’t say I didn’t know js at all. I just use pure js and p5.js and I’ve never built anything with Node.js

    @lookatmyhorse thanks for the info
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    What exactly is Java's standard input function?
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    @sSam you normally use the scanner object with system.in

    He created a whole different class poodle constructed for input.
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