Being a student this was how my colleagues felt about my code and SQL procedures. They didn’t even let me create a change ticket to present to CAB 😂

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    On monday I will be in the same situation. Just worked on some tasks and could not merge them into develop because of the code review which will take place on monday. Guess I am gonna get flamed on monday hahahaha
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    @hypervtechnics at least you have code review..
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    @sladuled You dont have it?
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    That there, is one hell of a show!😂
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    This was me today merging master into a 6 month old WIP branch.
    Oh the never ending conflicts.
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    @hypervtechnics noup... We develop on production o.O we don't have time for code review 😂😂😂😂😇
    But yes, bo code review for us & it's already biting us in da butt...and yes, sometimes we actually do code and test on prod..
    Fuck time management.. xD
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    @sladuled Absolutly barbaric :D
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    @sladuled same here.. we don't review our codes. we make changes on production. haha
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    @hypervtechnics yup... But that means loads of rant material ;)
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    @sladuled ikr! hahahaha
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    This is why you give interns small deliverables. My rule is, if it touches more than 3 classes, the task can and should probably be broken into smaller pieces.

    "Please write this ONE sql migration. Put it in this special branch. We will merge your special branch, after review, into this feature branch. Then you'll write this single method together with a unit test, in another branch. Which will be merged into the feature branch after review. Don't worry about merging to master, just put quality into these small subtasks"
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    @bittersweet Yeah right.
    Apparently seniors didn't do it for me. Just straight to core development. 😁 Needless to say: things didn't go quite to preferred way. For their defense it was busy time.
    Now that they hired me as a junior, there's a million branches and PRs and I get to do A LOT of refactoring before we finally get to merge the almost year old features to master and finally do the 2.0 release with quite tight schedule. Hope we stay under the deadline. 🤞
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