Rate your company / co-workers, how intersting the projects are! (1 to 10), and write down how long have you been working for them.

I'm really curious to see how satisfied people are with the social part of the company they work with.

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    Lemme start then:

    Company - 9
    Project diversity / fun - 7
    Years of service - 8
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    Company: 3
    Projects: 2
    Length of stay: 11 months
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    My department: 8
    Projects: 8
    Years of service: 9

    That said I sometimes think it's time for a change. I'm the only one who does dev work again and I'd like to have a fellow dev + have the dev part of my work be a little bigger.
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    Colleagues: 8
    Projects: Super unfair as we have some which are awesome and others which are a the illegitimate offspring of a car crash and dustbin fire, bottle fed crystal meth and raised on one single Nickleback track.
    Time Served: just passed the 5 year mark.
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