For the privacy freaks of devRant, have a host file that blocks all Facebook owned domains:

Blocklist Facebook domains (2016) - https://github.com/jmdugan/...

(not mine, found on HN)

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    Fucking FAVOURITED. Thanks mate!
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    Oh man, my gf is using FB on my desktop all the time. Thx
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    @thermodose most privacy concerned people will just avoid the service.

    I do not know a lot of people that would go as far as modifying their host file with about 350 entries to block one service.

    But I do know a bunch of people that would chose to not use the service but wouldn't care much about the pixel or other tracking mechanism they may have in place
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    Or just give them everything and get products and services tailored just for you! Amazing 😍😍🤗

    Right, guys!


    Uh oh..
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    @Arro Lmao, if I really cared I'd live a very different life. I enjoy the things I get in exchange for my information and am fully aware of the implications.

    I know I am the product by using Google services, but I have yet to find something that works so well for me.

    This is my choice.

    I also am aware there are people who don't share my ideas and choices, and I know that some people might find the host file useful. So I've decided to share it.

    No need to be condescending towards me for explaining what I meant by privacy "freak" in my op.

    Thanks for your valuable addition tho.
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    No intent to be condescending, actually removed the post though before I noticed you replied, because I didn't like the wording. Regardless though, I don't think the average person realizes that not using facebook doesn't protect your privacy any more than using it does, because of the pixel.
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    @Arro it still does. It limits the amount of information they can gain.

    If you really want privacy you would have to disable js, css, not visit dynamic websites (because who knows, if I'm evil, my website can collect a whole bunch of shit), you should also build your own browser because that's one of the biggest sources of information when visiting sites that you give them access to, you should also consider building your own os from the ground up, because who knows, with so much code and so many contributors to ie Linux, some malicious code might have slipped through (however unlikely that is).

    If you really want full privacy, you need to become a hermit.

    Cameras everywhere even in small towns, on the roads, in buildings etc... So even when you're not connected you're being monitored.

    Your average Joe won't go as far as any of the examples I've given. They'll just stop using x or y service and move on.

    Considering the trouble people have with barely understanding technology to the point where they can barely use it, even when their job depends on it, I cannot fathom how you could expect people to know about other mechanisms.

    I would love it educate people on the subject, so they can form their own opinions. But I'm not here to preach all hail privacy, ddg and all that is open source, I'm here to share something I found while browsing around on the bus ride home after a very long day.
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