Former android fan, I’ve been using iPhone SE for a while, and now I’m ready to give feedback. We are talking about brand new, iOS 11.2.2 device, never jailbraked (jailbroken?) or made anything fucked up to.

The main problem is battery life. It’s poor. I mean, my cheap ass Meizu m3s stands for about three times longer. Now I always need to carry power bank or charger around, keeping it up from one outlet to another.

iOS 11 is unstable and flawed. Music widget on lock screen freezes randomly, ui falls apart sometimes, apps sometimes start in landscape mode. I never found android ui falling apart, just like webpage marked up by interns.

Transferring files to Linux PC is huge pain in the ass. Nuff said.

Aaaand... that’s all. There is literally only three problems present.

On the other hand, there is huge advantages over android:

Speed. It’s unbeatable. It’s absolutely stunning. Need camera? Here it is, quarter second away. Android camera needed straight 15 seconds to start up. Taking picture? Here it is, flawless as always. Zero motion blur, gamma is ideal, focus is so sharp so you may hurt your eyes. Need 100 pictures? Here you go, just press the button and hold it. Maybe s9 or another shiny ass android takes pictures as fast as iPhone, but I bet my iPhone will be taking pictures same flawlessly after 5 years, while your android will probably become sluggish ass piece of crap.

Not. A. Single. Fucking. Lag.

Asphalt 8? 60 FPS all the way down. 2GIS? Fraction of a second away. That’s it, that’s how it have to be.

Sound quality. Just as neat as my Sansa Clip. EarPods are crap, so I’m using my SE215. Not going to ever come back to Sansa. Xperia TX had much less quality audio btw.

Apps. As long as the whole enterprise world sucking Apple’s dick, apps are running silky smooth and the things are not going to change. Come on. Apple is the king nowadays, admit it or not.

Keyboard is amazing. Screen is amazing. It’s just that pleasing. The sounds iPhone makes are great, while android sounds piss me off and making me hold myself from throwing the phone straight to the wall.

iPhone makes me feel cared about. Everything is on it’s place, everything fits perfectly. You are watching YouTube, you need to adjust volume and volume bar appears as tiny strip on the very top, just to not distract you. Make screenshot, draw something on it, share and hit delete. Every action you need is one tap away. Look up word? One tap away. Position the cursor between words? Polished as fuck, here you go, have your handy magnifying glass. Adblock in safari? Install it from the App Store and it will be literally two taps away, right at the settings. No VPN needed. Safari doesn’t become slow with Adblock, it’s just the same amazingly fast browser, but without ads. And Apple Music is just one dollar a month for students, filled with high quality songs.

Even google apps working better on iOS.

The advantages are clear for me, while downsides aren’t significant. @irene, you wanted to know what I’ll tell after a while, so I’m saying it proudly:

I’m never ever coming back to android.

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    Wait until you run out of storage and want that new app.

    Or the cheap ass screen shatters after it falls on your bed (true story)
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    @jhh2450 32g. I don’t need many apps, I just need basic functions to work flawlessly
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    @jhh2450 when you run out of free space, you can remove any app without removing its settings and user files and restore a fully working app when necessary
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    @mlask Or get an Android which let's you store things on an SD card so you can carry it from device to device! šŸ˜€šŸ˜€
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    @jhh2450 for what reason? Most people have one phone for everyday use. And all iPhone owners migrate from one iP to another wirelessly ;)
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    Everything you said was a benefit is exactly how my v20 operates... Down to the camera loading instantly and holding down button for 100 photos, apps and games smooth as butter... Add in easy access to file system, expandable memory, and a 3rd party battery you could watch movies on for 3 days straight before it even gets close to dying
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    15s for camera on android? come on... even my 6 year old Nexus 4 doesnt need that long ;)
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    What some of y'all need to understand is that it only takes that one fuck up to have someone say "fuck it" and switch platforms. If the dude feels that ios is superior well then so be it, he has what he needs and he ain't trying to change people's mind.

    In my case man the s9 is flying. The camera is slick af and everything damn near opens on mind command :P i am considering giving the second version of the SE a try just because I love the form factor and because i love both systems.

    Glad you are happy with your phone man. These things are useful af and might as well use the one that best suits us right
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    @AleCx04 I totally mirror this comment... I think we all feel passionately about our platforms and if you're happy with you device who cares what anyone else has... I think the common ground iPhone and android users have is they are sick of having the iPhone vs android war lol

    Instead of saying I hate iPhone PR android or iPhone is the best we should just have the attitude x is not right for me y fits my needs
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    @Ace71425 indeed my friend. Platform wars are pointless really. We should all just enjoy our devices in peace!
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    @AleCx04 exactly. Thanks bro
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