I just hate how my body believes that coding time and snack time are synonyms. Like ok, i might have been eating some chips or noodles while i was doin' the thinking, but hell, i cannot just empty 2 or 3 bowls of food each time i have to open and IDE.. How can you guys keep yourselves busy from eating when you fight the evil forces of bugged code?

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    Little Recommendation: Get yourself used to (if you're not) to eat healthy food like fruits, or high fiber things like oatmeal. Everything without sugar added, just natural real food.

    First, you'll feel full faster and for longer time and second you won't be harming yourself with ultra-processed food like candies or doritos

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    I just drink water. I always have a 1,5l bottle at my side.
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    Thank you both, this sounds like a great plan, water and oatmeal-ish foods, i will definitly get some next time i go for "coding" supplies 😃
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