-Hey highonsleep you a webdesigner, right?
Me: no, frontend dev.
-Yeah right my dad needs a new logo for his firm, can you do it? We can't pay right now but we'll give you lots of paid design work in the future and it'd be good for your portfolio.
Me: whatthefuckingfuckLOL. *Unfriend/block/delete/remove*

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    Rule #1 - Never work for friends or family
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    @Alice "just when someone makes something idiot-proof someone out there is creating an even bigger idiot"
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    @Alice what would be the best way to deal with a client that hired us to do a complex system, and asked for the installation manual (that we provided) but the client does not know what Git is, nor that AWS have multiple regions with different prices, but still he refuses to authorize/pay us to deploy the application?

    He needs ~60 instances of the system, but is struggling to deploy the first one for almost 1 month now.

    Right now I'm avoiding all the video conferences with him because I barely can't control myself when he starts speaking bullshit and complaining that our installation manual is incomplete.

    I really want to send him the link to the AWS documentation and ask him to read and just call us back when he finishes the reading. I don't do that because would be a bigger headache for me.
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    We can't pay you right now but we will give you tons load of shit that you don't need
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    @py2js emphasis on "loads of shit" lol
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    @jhh2450 you just did my work by mentioning this in thread °.°
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