Sometimes when I need a break from coding and life... I gather a bunch of wood and have a bonfire In my backyard late into the night and listen to Alan watts for hours... This guy is the most brilliant philosopher ever... There's something about a fire + a bottle of wine deep + Alan watts that simply puts me in the most peaceful state of mind I've ever had...


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    I have to admit, that sounds like a great time 🙄☺
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    @singh029 dude that's why I built the fence... Lol... Were surrounded by swamp to the left and woods behind us and to the right... Only owned by one family before us... Don't know how they did it without a false sense of security... When I stay out here like tonight late I have my handgun in my front pocket whole time....

    I've definitely got some creepy stories about the woods if you're interested lol
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    Alan Watts does have some merit to his teachings, however it would be best to be cautious of any Zen master that makes you peaceful instead of one that acts to wake you up.

    Watts doesn't have much of an end goal, I find, when there very much is much to do to find out who's doing it... He is very learned but beware the learned ones! LOL!
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    @Ace71425 I'm interested for the creepy stories
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    @Ace71425 creepy stories? Yes, please!
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    Im all ears for those stories. Hehe
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    Waiting for those creepy stories. Name it, creepRant!

    Envy those backyards man... I live in an apartment, or chicken houses stacked up. (lol)
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    @Ace71425 that (death talk) is giving me panic attacks
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    Sorry guys... Busy weekend and daughter has been throwing up... Tomorrow at work I'll post some stories... Although surely by now they are over hyped lmao
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    Ok yall...here are the stories...as I said probably over hyped by now...

    1) One time me and my wife were watching a movie on the back porch and there was something that essentially sprinted from the swamp, through the woods behind the house, and into the woods to the left of our house...

    We're talking maybe a few good hundred feet in the matter of like 15 seconds. Now I know animals and creatures and I can tell you a couple things

    -This thing was on 2 legs, not 4

    -And it was a good 100+ pounds based on the sound of the pressure on the ground.

    So we're out on the porch with a powerful flashlight for a good 45 minutes listening to this thing intermittenly run left to right, right to left like 3-5 times. This thing is no further than 5-10 steps from our fence and I'm training the flashlight right in it's path and we see nothing...and no there are not bears in our area.
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    2) Ever since we moved in here my daughter has been constantly talking about the ghost "at the windows" ... the one's bordering the back yard. At first it creeped me out then I got used to it. I never really probe her about it, because when you're a parent you learn to write off a bunch of the crap they say.

    One day I'm in the bathroom and she comes in and says there is a ghost on the porch...So I say "oh what does it look like," she says "a man." So I come running out with the pants half down with my pistol up and aimed and there is nothing there.

    Sometimes she says its inside the window, outside the window, in the woods...I'm thinking is there some like genius psychopath that knows when to like duck behind the window and never see him? lol...
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    So last week she says the ghost is at the window...I walk to the window and go "right here?" She says yes and I start like waving my hand toward the window like "get out of here ghost." And she terrified says "stop touching him, he doesn't like that".

    Well shit that went from playful to creepy right fast....like I have this mental image now that my daughter can see a ghost who I'm waving my hand through it's waist while it stares angrily at me...

    Well hope it was an interesting read...I can post more stuff as time goes on because kid's are creepy lmao...

    Ironically the night I posted this the fire was dying down at like 1am and there was so much random noise and activity from the woods I was like "yep i'm out fuck this."

    Random memory...one time me and my daughter we're about to take a nap and almost sleeping...she turns, looks at me, and says "daddy, they're coming" and then turns back around....fucking kids man
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    @Ace71425 You never know if there really is a ghost. There still is a possibility that your kid may be killed or kidnapped in extreme cases. Be prepared.

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    @Bitwise if we didnt move from our condo we ain't moving over a ghost at the window that does nothing lol...

    At the condo there was a 3 month period where I believe there was a malevolent entity that came and went.

    Nobody including friends, who weren't told about it, felt comfortable going down the hallway or being in the master bedroom alone.. We would see a black figure walking by out of the corner of our eye, we would wake up multiple mornings to the closet and bathroom door being wide open, one night it sounded like somebody punched the hallway wall as hard as they could (that didn't adjoin the other condos we were connected to) and the next day I come home and the mirror on that same wall is smashed into pieces on the hallway

    We lived there 3 years after all that nothing ever happened again and it felt totally comfortable to be there like it left
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    @Bitwise yeah I totally believe in paranormal. Its hard to believe that some people aggressively don't believe... I mean you can choose to believe its not human spirits or demons or what not. But at some point you can't rationalize something that makes no sense and that we can't see or comprehend but is clearly present
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    @Bitwise The thing I've always found bizarre is how people, places and things can have tangible feelings associated with them... Like when a person is nasty and just being around them even when they're being nice or quiet you just receive this negative energy. Same with like a place you just walk in and its like a wave
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    Why does it look like your backyard is in plain sunlight while the rest isn't? 🤔 Aren't you enjoying the soft and warm light from the bonfire?
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