Let me tell you about my wonderful weekend. It all started with a game that doesn't run in wine and it ended up in the biggest nightmare of Windows Update and EFI configuration.
1 - let's boot on my Windows partition to play trackmania 2.
2 - Windows Update interrupts me while driving a track.
3 - Update keep failing over and over again.
4 - I keep trying things to fix Windows Update, but with no success.
5 - Let's try system restore, failed
6 - Let's try to do a reset. "You don't have a recovery drive". Oh, right...
7 - Let's try to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 10, just because. Nope, "we could not determine if your pc can run Windows 10". Wait what....
8 - I guess I'll be reinstalling this trash. "Nope, can't. Don't like that partition I just formatted". Of course you can't...
9 - Had to delete the partition and let it create new ones. It created a new EFI partition. Just why???
10 - Okay that worked. Let's fix grub now.
11 - Maybe not, let's try rEFInd, because it looks fancy.
12 - After rebooting on the live USB for about 50 times and reconfiguring rEFInd without any luck, I realised the install script didn't install fs drivers for ext4. Oh, right... That's why you didn't find any Linux kernel...
13 - It can't boot windows, they're using a different EFI partition. Let's move rEFInd to the new EFI partition windows created for me.
14 - Finally everything works again. So much effort to play a freaking game without being bothered by windows update. And rEFInd abience theme looks beautiful.

I've got to say though, I learned a lot and the Arch wiki is awesome!

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    That'd be easier + it runs at almost the same speed around 95-98% of native speed
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    @ilikeglue I'm sorry, but what would be easier?
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    @Danacus qemu +pci pass through. Emulated windows oh and did you try wine3 or 2?
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    @ilikeglue Oh, that. Can you do PCI passthrough with only one GPU, or do you need a separate one? I might have to look up more about this subject, because it's very new to me. And about wine, I tried wine 2 and 3, both non-staging and staging, but nothing works. I keep getting a weird sky glitch and a lot of crashes. I guess dual-booting works too... Edit: seems like I do need a separate GPU. I could use my Intel graphics for Linux and my GTX 760 for PCI passthrough, but I want to game natively on Linux too...
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    @Danacus well the gpu is only passed when the vm is running but yeah then it's not there in the host. Also you need a CPU that supports this. But as long as you only need it to game in one at a time it should work then there is no work with dual booting. Ps. I haven't tried it as my pc doesn't support passing and my laptop doesn't have a dedicated gpu.
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    @ilikeglue Okay, I get it. I could try that. I will have to check if my motherboard and CPU support this and I will probably have to connect my monitor to my motherboard instead of directly to my GPU.
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