Me and my team in middle of our first hackathon-
a girl who is our class topper is my team mate, trying to write some Android Code.

I am writing nodejs Api, she calls me saying there's a bug in my code,so for saving time I decided to fix that small thing on her laptop,so when I went to the backend folder to open the js file,I see no default text editor set for it. After searching,I found out she had no atom,sublime,vs etc.
I asked her - "Do you even have notepad++ ?".
She - "I have notepad,but not ++".

That day I had to edit my code in Wordpad. I am still shaking.

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    Woaaaah dude. You great that you didnt encounter any encoding rlwated stuff. I wrote once got literallg fucked up
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    Tell her to pick one, offering short pro/con of the few you know.

    There is nothing wrong not having a text editor when you are a student who only ever used an IDE. She just might not know she'll need one yet.

    Obviously, a professional without any text editor would be a huge red flag.
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    Acutally she is a beginner in Android,so she only had Android studio and related stuff.
    I forced her to install vscode that day. I made a life better...
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    @Floydian Not bookworm,but class topper
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    @neelgeek ah okay, that makes more sense. But yea, you should introduce programmers who are unaware to the goodness that is having a basic text editor around, Notepad++, Atom, whatever... for stuff outside that nice IDE project.
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    What’s funny is that Andrew Ng’s ML course actually uses WordPad for Octave work, rather than any IDE.
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    @nikmanG Andrew Ng can use whatever he likes. And he is out of our league.
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    @chaibot honestly I use vim daily (had no choice to start) and it's really useful when you learn how to use all of it's (disabled by default) features
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    @JaredDunn okay? Was just mentioning how not using an IDE doesn’t automatically discredit you as a developer. And just how it isn’t overly anomalous that it happens.
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    @nikmanG wordpad is only for the guru. I am not confident to write Octave with wordpad unless I qm very familiar with it. That's why Andrew Ng is out of our league. He is the expert.
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    Is that you neel? From Sakec?
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