What if an evil AI is sitting on top of blockchain ??🤔
It would be impossible to shutdown ?
virtual terminator !!!

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    Nah you will have your AI to be running linux with default terminal colors.

    And, on top of that a distributed computing resource framework. Like ROS.
    Thats the tech behind the matrix actually.
    If that happens, we are fucked for good.
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    Hey, Shiela is not evil! She is lovely---

    Uhh, I mean...Nevermind...

    [Flies away]
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    That's Skynet! Distributed itself across the internet. I think it could be shut down, but couldn't not be erased, or very hard to. In other words, if it can somehow reboot, shutting it down is meaningless. Terrifying, if think of it.
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    @DannySu thats what I was thinking of
    terrifying !!!
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    i) shutting down of distributed systems is nearly impossible without destroying the infrastructure.

    ii) Thanks to the IoT rapid growth there are devices capable of decentralised (ad-hoc) comms in the most primitive way, with tiny data footprints.

    Taking into account the above points, if we are talking about a general purpose AI, meaning it's self conscious, first thing it will try to establish it's survival.
    How? by distributing it's self across plethora of different devices, from appliances to your dogs collar. And by running in a non obtrusive, undetectable pattern it can survive for ever evading even the most sophisticated security countermeasures.
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