The only thing hard about working with Git is working with people who don't know Git

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    Or even worse: working with a team that doesn't want to use version control...😱
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    Amen, my coworker was asking me why his PR wasn't working after he pushed to master and created a new branch to make a PR :)
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    @pacohojaverde Now you are just making up horror stories. Which isn't good right before bedtime.
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    And people never shutup about how git is useful but never use it ...
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    Can confirm, it's been years since I've used it regularly & now I always bother a coworker for help if I need to use git.. :(
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    The biggest problem with git is that there is no one single correct way of doing things an if the team or pm settle with a proper workflow, eventually stg gonna go wrong. And that's just actually poor pm.
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    @pacohojaverde Whoa there... save those scary tales for the camping trip
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