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    The only thing to say is f*** them! Damit! They are alredy doing it!
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    ehm... yea... inappropriate... I wonder if they are going to block video calls for all the couples that use it to "have a good time" together 😂😂
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    Fuck... now I cant see my girlfriend masturbate on Skype no more 😭
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    Good thing I intentionally avoid Microsoft services 🙂
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    Anybody up for a collab to make some decent privacy respecting services as a nonprofit. A whole private ecosystem like ms or google?
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    @jeeper I am planning to make a homesystem which organizes calendars, contacts, finances, files (photos, Videos) amd stuff all on a self hosted environment ^^
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    For fucks sake
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    No more int fuck_you_bill = 7; in visual studio
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    Poor Dick Gaywood
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