Ugh fuck living in Australia trying to buy tech, wanted to treat myself and get a Skagen falser smartwatch. Nope, but we ship to the US...

Always having to pay extra for the same product, pissed me off when people were complaining that $60 is too much for a AAA game and here we are sitting at base of $100.

Can people start realising other countries want tech as well?
Every other Smartwatch other than ticwatch aren't available in Australia, I just want something minimal and with a metal body, fuck companies man -,-

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    fly for 390 aud with scoot to singapore and get it from there.
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    Personally I like the miband 2 most and its like 30 bucks only (ships anywhere too), you can get any additional strap you want e.g metal or leather, it does all a smartwatch does "best" and doesn't need to be charged each day, because of just a simple led screen, maybe worth a look?
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    @heyheni probably cheaper haha
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    @JoshBent I'll give her a gander but I'm looking for something android wear for something new
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    There's probably a reason everything is more expensive and/or unavailable in Australia. Import laws? Tariffs?

    Idk but its been going on for a long time now.

    Would totally suck living there :<
    (Not to mention swooping season.)
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