Serious dumb thoughts.

Why do we need different languages when we can make changes or build libraries for one and make it better.

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    The birth of a programming language:
    Wow, this language suck/dont fit my needs. Whoever wrote it didnt thought about $(needed). Let build something new!
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    Hhahahaha. so true
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    Because my nTH framework is better then yours!
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    A hell lot of framework and people get confused which one to work with. That's the problem.
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    Are you still working on it?
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    Nice man
    Are you working alone on this?
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    Oh man, that's horrible. Git link for this project?
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    Hahahaha. Your bad. Okay man. I would like to help you on it. Once you set it up. You can catch me on nasrahdus11@gmail.com.
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