If Facebook does actually get "deleted" (shutdown), what happens to it's open source projects like yarn, jest, react?

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    Will be taken over by different community and they will choose different path for further development. Good ones will survive and rest will die.
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    Not to forget some businesses going out of business due to depending heavily on social media advertisement
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    Facebook is a company with other platforms too. If the platform facebook goes down the company and its projects will still be there.
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    may the fork be with us
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    I just realized: we can fork the projects, but builds will be broken. Because i'm pretty sure react will be taken from npm, and 20% of npm modules depend on react. Same thing for other projects.
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    Probavly open to the community
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    Dont worry its not gonna get deleted lol.. its a perfect tool for survailence and data gathering of masses
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    @YouAreAPIRate well NPM might allow a redirection in that case if there is an official fork at least.
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    @Codex404 but then there will still be a period of time between react going down and the redirection to the fork. Unless facebook plans ahead, but i think there will be a situation 10 times worse than the leftpad incident.
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    Just use Vue.js
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