So I got this new job as Java developer, the people are really great but is the kind of companies that only takes care for fast results and not for code quality.

Because this I have to deal with libraries updated 4 years ago, classes with 8000 lines, methods with 500 lines, a WHOLE lot of work arounds because there is no time to really fix the issue unless it affects directly the customer (something not working or being really slow) aaand we use fucking svn.

Some of this practice's they know and encourage it (+1000 lines classes for example) and every time I try to talk about good practices in the code everyone seems so interested but there is always no time.

Sooo I will stay here for at least two years, I hope I can make a change for good in their code smells.

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    I would just want to welcome you to the real world of software business. There are nice and fluffy theories and then there is the real life we live in.

    I dont agree with many of the modern design "rules" and find them ridicilous. Just like splitting classes and projects just for the sake of size is absolutely wrong IMO.
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    read some books about psychology and convincing people.
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    I have been there. Since last year I am trying to fix the code smells. Got them to prioritise the optimisation and smell fix from this month.
    Good luck!
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