TL;DR - (almost) childhood trauma due to Wesrern Digital crap products lead to lot of data loss and a plege to not trust or purchase their products for the rest of my life.


So, I got my first ever Wester Digital 2TB Mybook, back when 2TB was a really big thing. While in the midst of moving (not copying) a LOT of data to it, the damn disk just.. died. There was no fall, no power outage, no damage, it just stopped working. I was out of words and out of options. Tried yanking out the disk and connecting it directly to a system, but no luck because it looks like it's the HDD mobo that died.

Also stupid young me did not realise back then that, even if a "moved" the data, the original data is still most likely in their original location, and so, never bothered a recovery.

Lots of good stuff lost that day.

And as with a lot of you, my disaster recovery system kicked up 10 fold. Now I got redundant local and cloud backup copies of all critical and otherwise unattainable data.

As you may have guessed, I never bought another Wester Digital product ever again. My internal HDDs are Segate, and external is a suprisingly long lived Toshiba Canvio.

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    Childhood trauma, 2tb omg!
    Childhood trauma for me was when I saw for the first time the amount of floppies needed to install Works.

    You make me feel like a dinosaur
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    @Alice and did you take a pic of it and put it on 5 floppies?
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    I feel with you @donnico, my first computer had a 10MB HDD..
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    Yep, Toshibas are the best. WD are completely shite cheapo crap.
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    @2erXre5 dinosaur party!

    @alice yeah I can imagine! BTW I am happy that you decided to stay in devRant
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    Oh noes all my hdds are from WD
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