Year 2013

- Trying this thing called Bitcoin
- Setup wallet in spare USB drive
- Buy 0.5 BTC (couldn’t afford more)
- Forgot about it

Year 2016

- Remembered I had bought BTC
- Looking like crazy for my USB drive
- Found it!
- Insert it into PC
- only one file in it
- essay_blah_blah_<sisters name>.doc
- poof, gone for ever

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    I can feel the pain and sorrow here.... lol
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    No way to recover?
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    you'll be suprised how much you can recover from flash drives with the right software. creepy...
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    If you're lucky you might be able to recover with photorec
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    @senzory because that's not how it works
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    There was that guy that threw out his PC and forgot about his wallet on it.

    He frantically tried to search the landfill for his missing coins.

    When news of his loss hit the headlines, the price skyrocketed owing to the reduced supply.

    It’s a nice part of the currency, and it’s how currency is supposed to work.
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    @senzory there is no “account” a wallet is basically just a nice name for a public / private key pair that is used to perform the encrypted operations necessary for interacting with the blockchain.

    Lose the private key. Lose access to your funds, as you’ve lost the ability to prove identity and to issue transactions on the network.
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    @senzory haha you should probably re-read to follow script. I believe no one had asked for recommendations. Someone was just letting us know how they lost access to their bitcoin. Don't let this be about what you know.
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    Yeah what happened to me was back in 2014 when i mined about 5-10 BTC just for fun on old PC.

    Year 2017 i realized i had some BTC. Trying to find it. Found the PC. Turn it on. No drive with UUID: jshdghs,vmn,msgh found.

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    I realised Bitcoin became worth a lot more since I last touched it (before getting into it again)...
    Sold all my altcoins and Bitcoin for like 500-600 euro...
    that same amount would be worth a few grand right now T_T
    feels bad man
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    @Haxk20 even back then it was worth around a few thousand dollars for 10btc ... to think you misplaced that much is pure bullshit.

    Brush your teeth and go back to sleep my friend . Not a hater but free money isn't worth this bs
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    @TheAnimatrix i mined 5-10 btc before 2014. I just lost it in 2014. I never said that i mined it in 2014. I mined it few years before 2014. Ofcourse i coudlnt mine btc on old PC in 2014.
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    @Haxk20 yes you did. At least DDG it first when making something up so it's somewhat believable
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    @Haxk20 you still have the harddrive? There ARE things you can do to recover it... And promising a percentage of the btc to the recoverer, a few people with the right tools would do it..
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    @eval i do not.it was thrown away few years after that happened. If somebody found it and repaired it then good for him.
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