> in da zone, headphones beating, caffeine rushing through my veins, snack-stack at 75%, code and commands flowing like campaign promises, I'm one with the keyboard... I can feel it ~(◉_◉)~

roomie: Hey J! J!
me: ಠ_ಠ I'm kinda busy, what do you want?
roomie: Dude don't forget to pick up bla bla bla
me: Okay
> Headphones back on, feeling the h4ckx0r fire resurge through my gut like a majestic phoenix (not to be confused with taco tuesday gut fire)
roomie: J...J! dude also make sure bla bla bla
me: ಠ╭╮ಠ I know, you don't need to be so specific with me.
> Headphones on...about to hit play again...
roomie: Dude do you happen to know bla bla bla


FUCK! just tell me everything at once so I can go back to ignoring you and the irrelevant world around me!

I hate when people do this.

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    Are you wearing a fedora right now?
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    @Ronald everybody knows you can't write sublime code without wearing one, like duh.
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    Simply brilliant.
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    I am like this too. My girlfriend will have me pause a song 5 times with only 10 seconds between each pause just to ask or tell me something.
    I hate it, is it an aspergers thing?
    I feel bad and rude but when I'm in the zone, I'm in the fucking zone...
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    @Braed I hate it too when people wait for you to put your headphones in before asking another question, can’t think of anyone who likes that
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    Missus does this a lot.. Wonder why it's always when we get in d zone?
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    @mistafloss cuz they do it all the time. Obviously it's when we're in the zone once and a while 8)
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    Hey @mistafloss, your description says you love Xbox, poetry and business. How do you combine those?? Don't tell me you do the three together at the same time 8)
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    @FunkDelegate lol. I have had peeps ask me same question severally.i am terrible with multitasking but i do each of them in their own time allocated. 😀
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