I've taken my Dev rant over to Linked in. Fuck you recruiters!

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    —- get recognised
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    For these people we are just a number nothing else...
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    @Frederick I had fell into this trap, just because I badly needed an internship certificate for uni. I had previous work experience but this shit of a startup handed over an entire project to me and paid me less than average! Just because he said "You came here as an intern". Fml.
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    Was there a reply?
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    @Frederick @devTea We are looking for someone fast (work for 2 people cause I don't want to hire more), to deal with great challenges (my selling team sells lots of shit and you will have to make it work after finishing normal work. I said you had to be fast), motivated (I don't want anyone mad or tired) and proactive (I am not a good manager, so you have to figure out what to do and I have someone to blame).

    I need you to be very experienced on... Everything, 10 years on each.

    We offer: salary, a desk to work with your equipment and internet at the office.
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    Hours: 9h to 18h. But you have to make extra hours in case:

    - we found a bug on your code
    - you did not deliver everything we expected for that day
    - the client complains or asks something
    - we think we should include something more than the client asked for because it's nice
    - anyone changed idea after you implemented something
    - we have any kind of work to be done and we think you could do it

    Extra hours are not payed. We have an hours bank which you can compensate them if you have nothing to do. After 3 days, these hours will be lost.

    Salary compatible with the other companies (we pay enough so you can buy your dinner every 2 days. We expect you have money enough to the rest)
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    @Agred not yet i'll keep the post updated XD
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    My issue with recruiters is that they don't really understand what they're asking for. They don't understand that a react native developer is likely an android developer, or that someone that knows chef can probably pick up ansible in a couple days. I've had phone a screener ask me to spell out AWS for them. I didnt get a call back either. Probably because I only had "shell scripting" experience, when they were looking for someone with "bash scripting" experience.
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    OP, I was in a pretty much the same position just with QA not support. I managed to get the dev job eventually after A LOT of frustration and recruiters labeling me as "just a tester" without even asking me any coding questions and hence not pushing me forward. We're on pretty much the same job market (you're, UK, i'm IE). I'm not gonna say anything here but if you want some advice I'd be happy to help you out. Its fucking frustrating and I promised to myself back in the day its so much stress id help out if i ever come across someone whos going through the same shit. I mean like it can fuckin drain your soul and confidence out. Dont give up!!
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    @aerfromenes Thanks :)
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    Is all I can think to myself as I read this thread.

    Is it seriously this bad
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    @rant1ng the best part was there was other people sucking up to her in the post trying to land a job 😂😂😂
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    @Alice I laughed but cried a little on the inside.
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    Great, and I recently started learning Android, because I hoped it would increase my chances on the market...
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    You tell 'em Dick! <3
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    Not to mention that many of them are complete idiots when it comes to recruitment. "Hello <insert name here>. I'm looking for an Android Developer and I'm interested in your profile. Please send me your resume". Stupid asshole, I get messages like this 20-30 times a week, why should I be interested in leaving my current job for a position you don't tell me shit about? That's why you don't find developers, dipshit.
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    Lmbo. You my friend is the man. Funny thing is she knows it's true. Now, I want to see what her reply will be.
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    any updates?

    @suprano are you laughing your bass off?
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    And 5 years later shit is exactly the same
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    Thank you for your service. LinkedIn is shit.
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