My team lead be like when we're in a meeting with the boss:

He: I'll have a working session with her, we'll brainstorm on how to come up with a better design and improve such and such feature, once that's done, we would call you to have another meeting.
Boss: sounds good, I'm looking forward to it.
Me: *internally rolls eyes...*
He: thank you everyone.
*meeting done*
couple of minutes later, I get a message from him:

He: hey, it turns out I'm busy and I can't have that session with you, do come up with a new idea/design and share it with me.
Me: .... *fuck you, like you didn't know you were busy before making that fake promise*

The fucker will take credit again for things he didn't do.

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    you know the fun part in this right? Give him half way through idea. Disguise it well. Then when he present as his idea, you can bring *appropriate* questions for which your lead does not have answer. And then you can suggest how to do it better. >>> Shows your sincerity and lack of efforts from your lead side. Which is reality!
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    Time to fuck up your team lead :)

    Just do it and send it to him CC your boss, problem solved.

    OH AND MAKE SURE your email with CC boss, is a reply to his email saying he has no time :)
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    @gitpush That would be confrontational but hey everyone tackles it differently :-D , btw, if I am pissed on colleague then I would do that as well :-P
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    @yendenikhil unfortunately, that idea won't work.

    @gitpush seems like a good plan, I'll definitely do it, thanks mate.
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    @rising but be aware, that next time he will not send an email but instead come tell it to you, in this case you do the following:

    Send him an email right after the meeting asking him to inform you when he is free to sit and brainstorm

    BUT IF

    He instantly after the meeting told you he has no time, also send him an email that you will be working on it alone as he has no time for it, and that you will keep him updated with your progress. That way he will shut the fuck up infront of boss because there is evidence he had nothing to do with it :)

    @yendenikhil yup I guess so :P
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    @rising almost forgot, make sure you mention in the email: based on our discussion ...etc.

    So that if he wants to back out he will reply with I have time and we will discuss it on xyz

    and on xyz you send him a reminder :)
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    @gitpush thank you sensei for the advice.
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    @rising Best of luck :D
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