I just set up SSHFS so I can play my media library on my TV without moving all my data!

Basically my setup is something like this:

*Gaming PC (with a total of 10TiB - 6TiB being used for my /home) located in my office

*Home Media PC (with total of 150GB) located in my living room

Everything I have is on my 6TB HDD, and just my Videos folder is larger than the hard drive in the Home Media PC, so I decided to set up SSHFS. After about 15 minutes of reading man pages and trying different configurations, I ended up just needing "sshfs -o nonempty -o allow_other [user]@[location]:/home/$USER/Videos /home/server/Videos/"

This is so great guys; I love Linux so much!

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    If you don't need to manage the content of the library from the media player, you could also do this with read-only NFS.

    I mean, if its just video streaming over a home network you probably don't need the authentication, encryption or compression of SSH :)

    NFS on the other hand is pretty dumb in these respects. You just tell it which clients may use different parts of the filesystem and that's it.

    Might not be ideal for you, obviously what you're doing works fine for you but something to have a look at if you want to play around further :)
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    why don't you use the mediacenter pc as a NAS? so you don't need the gaming pc on anymore.

    to watch a movie you have to keep two computers up and running?
    sounds to me like a waste of energy && $.

    and i hope you created a new user with restricted permission for sshfs (sftp) access.
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    Well, for one: my HTPC doesn't have the storage yet, but that is eventually going to be the plan.

    And then second: my gaming computer is always on, so keeping those two computers on really isn't that big of a deal.

    For your last thing: yes, my server computer has a user with absolutely no permissions besides read. I then have a root and normal user with long passwords that are hard to guess, along with fail2ban.
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