This customer comes in and practically throws a computer on the counter.

Customer: This computer isn't working. I've ran the diagnostics and it says it's software. *places a dvd case with a 32 bit Windows 7 disk in it on the counter* It had Windows 10 on it, but I want Windows 7 on it.

Me: Well, you may have issues with the drivers if you put Windows 7 on it--

Customer: I don't care, I just want Windows 7.

Me: You SHOULD care. That means no wifi, no display, no mouse... Windows 7 doesn't like Windows 10 hardware.

Customer: Then... check to see Windows 7 compatibility!

Me: Alright.... *makes notes to check for Windows 7 compatibility*

Me: So has this Windows 7 been used before?

Customer: Yes, it has.

Me: On how many computers?

Customer: I've installed it on two computers and it works just fine.

Me: That's weird because Windows license keys are for one computer only. Are both of them connected to the internet?

Customer: Yes.

Me: Well, okay then... *finishes up ticket*

Customer: I work in this field and I just don't understand why they don't come with the disks anymore. How much is a Windows 10 disk?

Me: *gives price*

Customer: And do you have any?

Me: Let me check *I go to where they are, find some and come back out*

Me: Unfortunately we're out at the moment and would have to special order some back in.

Customer: OK. So then how much to fix this computer?

Me: *price of installing Windows and backing up data*

Customer: That's halfway to the price of a new one of these!

Me: Well yes, an HP at Walmart... But you do have that option if you want to take it.

Customer: Well, why does it cost that much?

Me: Well, it's $labor1 to install Windows, $labor2 to do some basic setup and drivers, and $labor3 to backup and restore data.

Customer: Oh, well I don't want data.

Me: Okay, well then it would be $total - $labor3

Customer: ...Okay, fine

Me: *updates the ticket*

When she finally left I put it on the bench and the first message said "SMART ERROR." I then did 4 different tests that said "lol, the hard drive is failing."

If you "worked in this field," you would know that a SMART error is hard drive related.

If you worked in this field, you would know that Windows is only a 1PC license, so why are you lying about installing it with no issues on other computers?

If you worked in this field, you would know you would want a 64bit Windows on your computer.

If you worked in this field, you would know how to find a Windows 10 installation media online.

If you worked in this field, you would know that HPs are not good computers to get.


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    @Condor hey I have a HP machine and it's a lovely spectre x360 that works like most of the time. Also a proliant server that really hates me and won't boot from usb.
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    I actually used a single win 7, 8 and 10 key without problems on multiple machines.
    Sometimes your lucky sometimes your not I guess
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    It was a smart error. An idiot wouldn't get the error. The ultimate id10t
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    Legally keys are one machine only. However they allow three activations usually on major part changes. PSU MB and Processor I think. This way if you upgrade your machine you don't have to buy a new copy or even call windows activation line. After three activations on different computers you can call in and automatically remove activations from the other machines x times. X is an unknown value to me.
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    @Condor which hp did you have that had to throttle that hard?

    Although I might be an edge case as I modified the HP firmware to disable one or two sensors that triggered throttling for reasons I disagreed with.
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    @Condor Yeah, I was wondering what is wrong with hp..I have a hp laptop I haven't even set up properly (no time) but what little I use it the only problem so far is 'back ur data plz' message which I could probably deactivate somehow, and the uefi thingy that gives me the creeps (but it's not a HP only thing, so can't really blame it on hp + my personal quirk)..
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    To be fair, I've also installed Windows 10 with the same key on multiple devices. It's weird. Didn't expect it to work.
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    Actually you can activate the same Windows license on multiple systems. Not unlimited of course but it is possible. Don't know for sure for Windows 10 but I did it wirh 7. Had 3 systems running using the same license.
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    @sladuled if you don't like uefi go into bios and enable legacy boot.
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    @seraphimsystems omg I thought you were mocking me, but aftr quick google I saw it might be possible to get old bios back.. o.O didn't know that was an optionat all, but will definitley check it out next time I have the time to tinker with my laptop..Thanks! (:
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    @sladuled it was left there after Microsoft tried to lock Linux boot partitions out of iefo with secure boot.
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    @sladuled @demortes
    Anything with "secure," "trust," etc. in the name terrify me and make me want to run away in the opposite direction, really really fast.

    I think @linuxxx would second that reaction.
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    @Root I'm reading the entire convo but can't find something relating to secure? Maybe it's that I haven't had coffee yet 😅
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    @linuxxx literally the last two words in the comment above mine 😋
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    @Root Deffo the coffee part 😅
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    yeah, they're potentially useful of you can control them. If you cannot, they're handcuffs.

    Also, "Trust Zone."
    That one is particularly nasty.
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    I like this rant because it has parameters :p
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