posted a question to StackOverflow this morning

three hours later I fix it myself and add my own answer with the solution

now they're both downvoted to -2 with no other comments. wtf SO?

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    I fucking hate StackExchange sometimes.
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    Link? 🤔
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    @Kodnot so that we can judge you too
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    @Kodnot kod-not a chance in hell bud
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    @spoiledgoods well then why are you outraged? If you don't want to share, are you ashamed? If so, why are you surprised it got downvoted?
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    StackOverflow doesnt like trivial questions. It probably was answered somewhere else.
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    Did no one tell you? Stack overflow is riddled with absolute pricks.

    It should be called Cunt Overflow.
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    @Hu-bot0x58 That's perfectly acceptable, provided the question and answer are good.
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    @irene but they are not good people.
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    @AndSoWeCode I am very ashamed actually
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    @AndSoWeCode are you new to SO? being ashamed is a requirement there
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    @spoiledgoods Been there almost since it began. Not very active, but I have a decent reputation across the board, and have asked many questions about a lot of stuff and have never had anything but positive experiences even when I was asking stupid questions. Really stupid questions. But I had an excuse - there was no answer revealed after searching it on Google or the website.

    Everybody, and I do mean EVERYBODY that was complaining about Stackoverflow and was kind enough to show a link to the question, was basically breaking one or more of the basic rules of the site. As simple as not looking for duplicates, not explaining what's the question, not even asking a proper question with a definite answer, not cooperating with the community in finding the answer, not reading the manual, etc.

    I haven't met ONE question that was downvoted without merit.
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