If I was the creator of npm, you'd be running

`npm please install` instead of

`npm install`

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    npm: "Sorry, can't bothered, you don't have your globals setup or something."
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    Given enough time, I'm sure this would degrade to `npm $random-expletive install`.
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    That's great! Also, if I was the creator of composer it would be great if

    composer install


    composer compose
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    I can make npm with one single line of python:
    if "npm install " in input: print("No")
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    alias sudo=‘fucking’
    and you get the point
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    if you want something friendlier in your life, have look at Elm.
    This language compiles to html css and js and tells you very friendly where you made your mistake + resource link. 🙂

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    @AlexDeLarge And now you're asking for too much. We're programmers, not miracle workers.
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    That's why INTERCAL is fun. The compiler rejects your program if you're too polite or if you're not polite enough.
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    Stop antromorphizing tools
    If you need to, see them as slaves
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    I don't get it. Is this about npm or about being nice to your tools?
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    It can get irritating very soon when you keep saying please and it keeps erroring out for one reason or the other. And then you end up ranting on devRant. Good for devRant though.
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    If I was the creator of npm it would not exist, like... at all
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