Friend: "the blablabla company is offering a free Java spring course"
Me: "free??? Nonono they might have bamboozled you but they won't take me"
Goes to course
Awesome experience and free
Gets home...
Me:"WTF? It was free"

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    So how was it? I really like Spring
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    ++ because you used bamboozled
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    Info on course
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    "Hey, it's okay. You can still live a fulfilled life with one kidney."
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    @cascer1 it was great I didn't know a thing about spring and left there with my first application running on localhost
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    @PrivateGER ++ for mentioning the use of bamboozled
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    @Sleepy-guy ++ for mentioning the mentioning the mentioning of bamboozled
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    @PrivateGER ++ for mentioning the mentioning the mentioning the mentioning the mention of bamboozled although you‘ve started the threat
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    I don't know a single company in my local job market that's not doing some kind of "free" training, either on unis or some community meetings. It's advertising and recruiting.
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    @PAKA Just like FB and MS are doing with React and VS Code.

    In NL we have the saying (roughly): only the Sun rises for free (every morning).
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    @guzVLZ It was free but now you have the company's name tattooed on your brain.
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    @freakko yes yes I know, but it still impressive
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    @guzVLZ It's a win win as long as both parties are aware of what is going on.

    I've qualms with people saying "FB/MS gains nothing from their open source stuff. They do it for free/community." Ehm, no.
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    @freakko totally agreed
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    ++ for mentioning the mentioning the mentioning the mentioning of baoab

    @PrivateGER @bcye @Sleepy-guy @PrivateGER @bcye
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    Er, was bamboozled @hch11
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