Its 3 a.m. and i am thinking: Why the hell people do not edit/improve their rating and foul-mouthed word on App Store even when we fix those problems they report?

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    Because they're lazy and they've moved on?

    I think this shouldn't happen. I think the stores should just implement a filter for ratings like "Show only ratings in the last 1 week" or something.
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    Some one screen shot a review on my app and circulating it as My App vs This App.😂
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    @AndSoWeCode the playstore already has "review for older version" and I think it doesnt count as much towards the score as the newer more recent comments, since I saw once an app version that was bombarded with bad reviews, but then after the update and people adding positive feedback - the bad ones got minimized to like 5% of the earlier amount.
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    Why would they? They had an issue at that point of time and the rating will stay there to show that people have had issues. On Play you can answer the rating with: "This is now fixed. Please try the latest version. Thank you for your feedback."
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