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    You would need word to plain text transpiler. Don't think that sort of thing exists in any universe :D :D
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    Yep. Done that in my University
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    Pseudocode ?
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    My web tech teacher taught the entire semester in notepad😭
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    @martybalandis Word can create, open & save plaintext files without any problems.

    It's a bit like using an electric jigsaw to cut a slice of bread though.
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    @SuryaK same here. Later came to know about VS Code and sublime text
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    @Prophetcrysis she also writes the location of her html files in the browser manually
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    I'm pretty sure Word still has support for macros, which if memory serves, can be written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). So you *can* actually code in Word.

    This doesn't mean you should.
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    At least i documented in word
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