Copy paste from the internet, usually stack overflow without knowing what the fuck the lines do.
I saw this girl who was tasked with building a spring mvc application and she literally googled(yeah googled) "spring mvc web app" and copied from the first tutorial site and pasted it.
When errors showed up she copied everything from the second link and pasted it ... Wait for it... Without deleting the old copy but commenting it out so each file had 100 lines of code and 100 lines of comment

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    Doin copy pasta is not wrong boi
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    I honestly don't see how this is wrong.
    Everyone has their own way of experimenting with new things.
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    @rising I feel one must at least read what the code even means or when error pops up try to understand what that error message means instead of copy pasting whichever code u can lay your hands and hope it works
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    I mean if she was doing this just to test the waters whatever. The whole commenting out the first 100 lines is weird but who knows. If she was actually trying to deliver this then yea this is pretty cringy.
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    @thevariableman yes I fully agree with you, but at the same time I don't like to judge others just because of what I see them doing.
    Appearances can be very misleading.
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    @rising I know this as a fact coz later one of my seniors had to complete the project coz she quit apparently "unable to handle the pressure"
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    @thevariableman hahahahaha that's a shame.
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    I know someone who does this really fast and its really difficult for me as a junior to follow. I do understand that trial and error of copy pasta can be effective I'd like to understand what happens and why something doesn't work.
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    @Dollique never ever do that always try to understand what you are writing at least the basic stuff
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