Server password is Password321 like wtf 😐🤦🤷

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    Because 123 would be to easy
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    There's one game called Hacknet and there was a mission: hack the university server (or some crap) and get the password in some file. It was ####### (7 #s). No comments.
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    Heard an old story from my dad where the server admin tried to tell him the password was secret. Took a while before he understood that the password literally was "secret".
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    @ch0s3n Reminds me of Bhagetti (Bag Head) from Silicon Valley. The password is password 🤦🤦🤦
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    And remote IP?
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    @dextel2 aaaa no, maybe you will login into it and do funny stuff
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    Yea I normally try 123 so that would have bamboozled me!
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    Hacking is coming
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    "it's secure because it's encrypted"
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