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    Ah yes, let me just plug in my light sensing device and turn off all my dark themed things.

    Really bruh.
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    Dark themes are most aesthetically pleasing :p
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    I have 1 thing to say to this... 🖕

    Having eye issues that force me to use dark themes, otherwise I get severe eye strain, ill use them in any light I want.
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    @C0D4 Really, i take your word for it. I changed back to light themes in well lit places because dark ones did not feel goos at all to my eyes. In darker environments, dark themes are ok for me too
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    unfortunately light themes make me feel like I’m looking at car headlights after a while, which sucks because I use to use light themes for virtually everything.
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    If it's bright, it must die.
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    Good news for you all, this app just released a new WHITE theme! 😄
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    And yet you don't complain about light theme being used in dark environment. 🤔
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    @filthyranter because you shouldn't use your computer when not in an lit environment.
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