When my company signs a contract with employees, they put the income as minimum wage, and verbally agree with him that they'll pay the rest of the income (which is about 3 times the minimum wage) as extra work, so they wont pay a lot for taxes. The employee has no choice but to accept.

But when the pay time comes, the company will only pay the minimum wage, making employees unable to sue.

This ultimately causes employees doing things like moving all project files to pen drives, telling the CEO about it, making the CEO run after them to the streets begging for the pen drive, and when he finally softens and gives them the drive, they open the zip files inside it to see (I shit you not) images of people flipping the bird.
Or this: https://devrant.com/rants/1332501/...

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    Dicky move by the company, hilarious move by the employee. I respect that.
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    @hidingFromBoss you're killing me man... 😊😊hahahaha....😊😊.... your rant is sad but very funny.

    On the flip side though, just try to gather as much experience as you can and find another place so long and most definitely get the hell out of that hellhole.
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    Did he wipe repos and backups first or something? I'm a bit confused about the details here
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    This post made me think of that other one. Then I got to the part where you directly linked to it.
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    “No choice to accept”... I mean... really?

    There’s *always* a choice, and while it’s funny, and the company is clearly run by tight fisted dicks, this is just infantile and throwing the toys out the pram.

    They had an agreement. They signed. It’s legal.

    I’d be hella pissed if that was my company.
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    If you expect a company that claims they're lying to the IRS to not lie to you... I don't know what you're expecting. Just don't sign that contract, and walk away.
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    Well if you don't work for yourself then that has a high chance of happening
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    @Brolls @rjedlin well of you're a junior dev and no one accepts you, you kinda don't have a choice.
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    @Shardj he hid the real pen drive, and didn't give it up until he was fully paid.
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    @Banele fortunately i have not signed the contract yet, and ill leave there next week.
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    Had something similar happen to me but instead of getting something each month most of the times would be 0, some other times would be a part. In the end when I left, they took like a lot of time to pay me for the last month, and I get paid with the money in the contract, that went up to full time minimum wage salary the month before and he didn't know why would I want that so much in order to work full time.
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    @hidingFromBoss this gives me more questions. Why is everything stored on a pen drive, did he wipe prod first?
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