You know, I am astonished at the number of people here that use(d) Facebook. It's even more amazing that these same people are actually surprised that all this shit happened with their data.

I don't have a Facebook account, or Instagram, or Twitter, etc. When this stuff first started coming out, people kept telling me to sign up for accounts.

I refused, telling them that I didn't want to give my private information to a third party that I didn't even know. And not only that, but they can use the private information about you in any way they wish and also sell it to third parties.

I was of course told to take off my tinfoil hat... and it's only now that people are realizing that they are giving away potentially private information to people they don't know?

If I came to your door and asked you everyday to send everything you did that day to me so that I could file it away and use it as I please, you would probably tell me to get the hell off your property.

It just blows me away that if you put that same offer in the format of a website, suddenly people are begging to give you their data.

It's fucking lunacy... 😞

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    Digital privacy is in its infancy. A few decades from now people will be a lot more cautious (or the AI overmind will do it for us)
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    You can still use FB but limit what you share online 👍
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    @irene or fake profile to troll online hehe
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