Ok bois it's IDE / Text Editor time again.

I have had my fair share of usage with VSCode and i have been using VIM for over a year now.

With Vim i miss intellisense, class lookups etc.

VSCode doesn't provide the macro abilities i like in VIM and also doesn't support every edge case of file (giant files for instance).

Now i am at a certain dilemma. Do i use VSCode? Vim?

I am seriously considering trying emacs, but i don't know much about it.

What is your take on this?
Please respect each others choice, i don't want another fucking IDE religion war

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    VSCode has an active community and is updated very frequently and you can install extensions for what you need and create extensions if you want. So I'll go with VSCode, and besides, it has a modern UI
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    There are vim bindings for vsc if you want
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    I have tested them and discarded the Plugin because there are minor differences that make them a lot different to use.

    Also i am not 100% sure if you can, but i haven't seen an option to configure your own bindings.
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    @RantSomeWhere I run a customized Vim setup that probably wouldn't feel all that native to Vim users. I have tried some vim emulators before, in VSCode for example. But they did not come close to the workflow i have with my current vim setup.
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