Hey guys.
Sorry for the absence.
So... Lately I've been working in shifts, doing extra hours and stuff... And today, Saturday I went to work for nothing... My boss fucked me just to make me go to work, when there isn't much work to be done...
Btw, I have a burn out for more than two years because I had to work and study and sleep for 4 hours a night, for months.... (check my profile for more info).

Today I had enough
Almost got killed while driving... felt asleep.
I'm saturated.
Monday I'll talk to the owner of the company
and If I don't like what I ear I'm making several complaints:
- One for the organization that protects workers
- One for the work court (we have that In Portugal)
- And one criminal complaint... After all they fucked my health, my life and are putting my life in danger just because...

Lets see how it goes...
Better part... If I make any of the complaints above they can't fire me, make me work overtime or in unpaid shifts...
Oh, and someone else also made a complaint recently... Governement oficials spent two days this week checking the company accounts and calling workers for confidencial intervews...
So, I guess It's the perfect time to drop the bomb on them.

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    Not sure why you are complaining about your boss. Why didn't you look for something else instead of getting into this situation?
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    That's a little harsh don't you think?
    You have no idea of the circumstances.
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    Really? Are you serious? That's the first thing you think you should say? I mean, shit, this kind of self righteous speech it's exactly what Rodrigo needs to ear right now.
    For someone who was melting down a few weeks ago and was deleting her account, good job on bouncing back and kick someone when he's down.
    Wish I knew who were the pricks that ++ your comment.
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    Im with @Alice on this.
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    Look guys the thing is, his situation is fucked up. No discussion.
    His boss is an ass! The whole fucking system is wrong.

    But you shouldn't drive when your not in the physical shape for it. Work from home, call in sick.

    Your own health is way more important than your boss, your job, whatever. Even more when driving you don't only endanger yourself but people around you. There could be pedestrians or other drivers, cyclists and so on.

    As I said. The situation is fucked, but you shouldn't endanger yourself, or others.
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    Godspeed! Fuck them all!
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    Sorry guys... slept for 16 hours :p
    Alice is right... It doesn't matter if I die, worst would be to kill someone... or a inocent family.

    No one would care why after, not even me, because I would have kill inocent people .

    Anyhow, I'll be talking to the owner tomorow (monday) with a written complaint... And If nothing is done Then I'll make a formal complaint...
    Specialy because I'm not the only one this bad...
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    Well... Delivered a written statement to the owners... Haven't been called yet... Let's see what happens...
    I only know that the bosses were in a meeting for 3 hours, but that may have nothing to do with my complaint...
    Let's wait and see...

    Man I wasn't this bad before I changed the medication... Even got a fever...
    How do you get a fever when the problem is in my head? Learning something new every day
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    Well... Guess no one cares...
    My letter did nothing :(
    So tired...
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    Anddddd fuck it. Going to the hospital.
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