When you are a dev/designer and you see an invoice with £225 for making a favicon with an existing logo, you know where most Web Agencies stand.

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    haha ikr? installed a WordPress on the server..added a theme. Added a background, and the content box transparent. gaved it to them ..they asked me how much is it? I told them, how much are you willing to pay me? They said, $8,000. i was like 😱 damn okayy.. *in my head I was like : "I was just gonna charge u $100 but okay.."
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    Where do you guys find these clients! Please share :). Major props. Any tips would be appreciated too
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    @champion01 all I know of is those freelancer websites like freelancer.com which are a sess pool
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    On the face of it that sounds like a lot and most likely is the agency overcharging. However, it could reflect the pain the said agency had with the client. Granted, it's just a tiny icon, but it could have involved meetings, phone calls and many revisions to get to a point where the client was happy.
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    @rallport The most says it was a single dev not an agency which is not acceptable.

    With agencies, you are buying a service not a task so the costs are much higher.
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    @nblackburn when I worked at a design agency, the actual "workers" hourly rates covered the support and sales wages so we had different tiers of rates to cover the massive overheads. I'm talking 15 years ago but my hourly rate they billed at £120 per hour. Senior team were £160 per hour. We had to Bill £60,000 per month just to break even. The company was very successful, until they grew too fast without the right management and all went tits up. I remember another guy at an agency, they did a double page colour spread for a magazine and the client needed the same sending to a different magazine. They charged him £3000 for a set of films and a cromalin.
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    @champion01 go check Shopify Experts clients
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    @rallport still they should have added that somewhere else because thay cause them more harm than good and shows that they are thiefs
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