At my previous job, the person in charge of the Phabricator server didn't have a backup system in place. I yelled at him until he implemented one.

He had the server perform backups to the same drive. I yelled at him again, to no avail.

Well, after awhile the hard drive started failing, and it would only boot intermittently. After a lot of effort, he was able to salvage part of the backup data, but no more, meaning we lost a lot of bug reports and feedback, and developer tickets. We were able recover all of the older lost tickets from a previous server, so overall the loss was pretty small.

But I think he learned his lesson.
He definitely learned to listen.

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    Nobody ever learns this lesson until they are forced to...
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    Plot twist: you broke it so he learns a lesson.
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    Im surprised to see phabricator being used. I love it, but I dont see many teams using it
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    Ah... Nothing like losing valuable data to learn a valuable lesson.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Absolutely. It's wonderful.

    @mundo03 Maybe 🙂

    @agentQ Hard lesson is memorable lesson.
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    Somehow I wanna get yelled at by you 🤭
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