This is how Over Ops blog forces its visitors!! As a result, closed the freaking blog!!

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    Not only on over ops
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    1) Sign up

    2) Mark email as spam

    3) ???

    4) Naturally, you won't make a profit. But you'll help send their mail server's reputation to hell
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    Just use a mailinator adress. Spam some characters and then add @mailinator.com (it's free completely public email for this type of thing.)
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    @graic if you use gmail, put a random dot in your email name (like from example@gmail.com to exampl.e@gmail.com) and make a filter for anything sending to that address to mark as spam. This is what I do, to make things easy.
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    @AL1L thats cool
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    @AL1L Well I don't use Gmail but that's good to know. Also screw the windows 10 mail app.
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