Something is really disturbing about this image.

Source: https://www.xamarin.com/platform

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    Most of us agree
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    This looks so evil, its like FOX-News and CNN teaming up.
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    That blueish color makes me dizzy all the time. Reminds of Windows 98 tweaked with a bit of saturation
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    I’ve used Xamarin. It was not a pleasant experience πŸ˜”
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    @coda why not? I’m starting to use it right now. Did I make a mistake
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    The current list of monstrosities in the image found by ranters:
    - light theme
    - resemblance of FOX news
    - resemblance of CNN
    - resemblance of Windows 98

    But nobody has named what disturbs me the most in this picture, yet. Who will?
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    @eeee And windows in a macbook pro.
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    @DeveloperACE using Xamarin to share your business logic might be fine, but I’ve used Xamarin forms and it’s really buggy and not worth the effort.
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    Inception 😜
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    @coda I’ve been using forms a bit. Overall I’m pretty new to everything Xamarin. I’m trying to make an app for this startup I’m working with and it’s not making much progress
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    Because, Microsoft owned it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @DeveloperACE don't use forms unless you are trying to make it cross-platform. If you are making android app create an android project only.
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    But you actually could install Windows on a MacBook πŸ˜‚
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    @abcdev I am trying to make is cross platform. I’m also using MVVMCross
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